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Analysis of the famous case study – ‘General Motors in China – Coping with the changes in the Automobile Industry’ by Hadiya Faheem

Number of Words : 3763

Number of References : 15

Popular By : General Motors marketing mix, General Motors market segmentation, General Motors competitive environment


 Introduction 2
 International Marketing Environment 2
 International & Domestic Marketing Principles 2
 Global Market Environment for General Motors 3
 Evaluation of Cross-Cultural Implications on Managing Operations 3
 Potential Market Trends 4
 International Marketing Planning Process 5
 Project Management Techniques 5
 International Marketing Development of General Motors 5
 Market Research Process 6
 Country-Market Choice & Market Entry Strategy for General Motors 7
 Market Segmentation for General Motors 7
 International Requirements of Marketing Mix 8
 International Product Strategies 8
 Pricing Strategies in General Motors 9
 International Communications Campaign Objectives 9
 Delivery Elements to International Markets 10
 Importance of Eservices for the Chinese Market 10
 Application of Analytical Framework to International Marketing Opportunities 11
 Evaluation of Planning Models in General Motors 11
 Competitive Strategies to International Marketing for General Motors 14
 Conclusion 14
 References 16


This report is based on the following tasks & Assessment criteria – <br />1.1 Compare and contrast international and domestic marketing principles<br />1.2 Discuss the nature of the growing global market environment (political, social, ecological Cultural, technological dimensions) for General Motors.<br />1.3 Evaluate the practical marketing cross-cultural implications (e.g., language, culture, currency,<br />Distance, trust, customs, knowledge, and ethics) of managing operations in China by General Motors.<br />1.4 Identify market trends and potential market trends by distinguishing between, e.g., country,<br />Region, European, Asia-Pacific etc. in terms of cultural differences in case of General Motors.<br />2.1 Describe how project management techniques contribute to the development of operations<br />Management in General Motors.<br />2.2 Analyse the main differences between domestic, ethnocentric, polycentric and geocentric stages of International marketing development of General Motors.<br />2.3 Analyse the distinctive nature of the market research process (primary and secondary<br />Research, data access, collection, analysis) for international marketing for General Motors.<br />2.4 Identify and explain country-market choice and market entry strategy options for General Motors.<br />2.5 Evaluate the impact of cost leadership, differentiation and focus on branding, brand<br />Strength and recognition in country-specific markets for General Motors.<br />3.1 Discuss the differences between international product strategies such as standardisation<br />Versus adaptation, extension versus innovation in General Motors.<br />3.2 Discuss pricing strategies for market penetration (costs, productivity, and competition, organisational Objectives, product positioning and market adoption) in General Motors.<br />3.3 Evaluate international communications campaign objectives with regard to target Audience, country, language, culture, message, media, feedback and impact on sales of General Motors.<br />3.4 Discuss the delivery element of the mix (channel, logistics, distribution, storage,<br />Shipping, packaging etc.) In relation to the international market for General Motors<br />3.5 Discuss the importance of the provision of eservices to China for General Motors<br />4.1 Evaluate planning models/tools such as life cycle, Ansoff matrix, Boston Consulting Group<br />Portfolio matrix, 3Cs (customers, competitors, corporation), SWOT, PESTLE, segmentation,<br />Strategic choice etc. in General Motors<br />4.2 Discuss competitive strategies such as home, partnership, alliance, franchise, software centres, Production and co-production as they relate to international marketing for General Motors.<br />

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