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Analysis of the famous case study - Mobile reps become more mobile

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Number of References : 17


 This essay answers the following questions on the case study -
 1. a) What kind of approach to local HR strategy did the German HR Director take? What perspective on strategic HRM, outlined in the Chapter 3, does this illustrate?
 b) Do you consider the way (or how) the German HR director carried out his approach wise?
 You should discuss your arguments using ideas, theories of strategic approaches explained in chapter 3/ 4 of the textbook.
 2. Should the company have done some things differently when it launched its new sales force? If so, what and why?
 Relate your answer to the ‘HR architecture’ model shown in Figure 4.3, page 115 of the textbook; compare and contrast with other HRM strategies.
 3. What lessons about employees as strategic resources and about barriers to imitation in HRM would you take from this story?
 You may think of developing your arguments in terms of contextual changes, culture and cultural fit; ethics and the organisational changes and setting in which managers generally try to ensure that HR systems fit in with their environment.


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