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Analysis of the famous case study on Kao Corporation by By Sumantra Ghoshal and Charlotte Butlerl

Number of Words : 4030

Number of References : 17


 Introduction 2
 Question 1 7
 A. Strategic Formulation of Kao 7
 Strategies of Kao 8
 B. Relevance of Kao Strategies in Current times 9
 C. Factors Influencing Cosmetic Industry 9
 Question Two 11
 A. Learning Vs Organizational Learning 11
 B. Organizational Learning in Kao 12
 Question Three 14
 Conclusion 17
 References 18


This assignment is based on the following task – <br />In early 2000 Kao was Japan's market leader in detergents, shampoos and personal care items. Your task is to carry out a critical analysis and evaluation of strategy development in the Kao Corporation, using the information provided and other materials from your own research. You will be exiected to select and apply appropriate theories, techniques and models studied during the module whilst having<br />regard to the practical aspects of strategy development.<br />

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