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Case study on the Interview of two different people from two different cultural backgrounds exploring the similarities and differences in how culture has impacted on their experience

Number of Words : 2413

Number of References : 10


  Background Information on each Interviewee
  A Description of each Interviewee’s Perspective on Culture
  A Description of how Culture Impacts on the Life Experience and Belief System of Each Interviewee
  A Description of how Culture Impacts on Each Interviewee’s Interactions with Others
  A Summary of each Interviewee’s Suggestions for Lessening the Impact of Cultural Divides that may occur
  A Discussion of the Similarities and Differences between the Cultural Experiences of the Interviewees


This is a brief case study developed by interviewing two different individuals- one from Indian background and other from the UK background. The report is divided into a number of sections with chief aim of the study to explore the similarities and differences between the ways culture impacts them.<br />

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