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Innovation and change – A Case study on Toll Group Integrated Logistics Solutions

Number of Words : 4610

Number of References : 20


 Executive summary 3
 Introduction 4
 Part 1: The organization’s need for innovation 5
 Part 2: The organization’s vision and strategy for innovation 7
 Part 3: Context, competencies and culture for innovation 9
 Innovation in the core business process 9
 Business Environment supporting innovation 10
 Part 4: Learning for innovation 13
 Existing Learning Avenues 13
 Additional learning for innovation 14
 Ability of Toll Group to continuously innovate and change 15
 Part 5: Potential change management issues 16
 Overall Change process 16
 Barriers and Enablers 16
 Internal and External Communication 17
 Leadership and Change Agent roles 18
 Measurement and evaluation techniques 18
 Bibliography 20


This report is based on the following requirement – <br />Critically evaluate your chosen organisation's current innovation position<br />with respect to the following five areas.<br />Part 1: The organisation's need for innovation<br />Points to consider:<br />• What are the general imperatives in this industry sector?<br />• How have these changed in the last five (5) to ten (10) years?<br />• What specific Innovation imperatives face your chosen organisation?<br />• What is the organisation's current level of Innovation?<br />• How does this compare with other more innovative organisations?<br />Part 2: The organisation's vision and strategy for innovation<br />Points to consider:<br />• How well does the current vision and strategy address the need for innovation?<br />• What components does the vision contain?<br />• Does the innovation strategy differ from corporate strategy?<br />Part 3: Context, competencies and culture for innovation<br />Points to consider:<br />• To what extent is Innovation currently a core business process?<br />• Which aspects of the organisation and its environment currently support innovation?<br />• Which of these are most critical and why?<br />Part 4: Learning for innovation<br />Points to consider:<br />• What avenues for learning currently exist in the organisation?<br />• Which additional ones are most likely to be of value for the organisation and why?<br />• To what extent is the organisation able to continuously innovate and change?<br />Part 5: Potential change management issues<br />Points to consider:<br />• overall change process<br />• barriers and enablers to change<br />• internal and external communications<br />• leadership and change agent roles<br />• project management and measurement requirements.<br />

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