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Case study of an e-commerce website

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  About the business
  About the customers
  What customers purchase
  Payment processes
  The business model
  The Structure of the Site
  Security matters
  HCI matters
  Technology matters
  Evaluation of the site


Uniqlo has become one of UK's most exciting and innovative brands that is constantly evolving. Uniqlo is a Japan based company which deals with casual wears for men and women. Uniqlo first opened its store in the June of 1984. Uniqlo not just boasts of funky and trendy wear but also provides high quality men’s and women’s casual wear at reasonable prices. In the past two and half decades, the company has grown manifold to establish itself on the global stage. The fact that Uniqlo is developing 1650sqm stores (Double the size of its initial regular stores) proves the success and the appeal that it gained. Today it has stores across the globe and is renowned as a global brand. Uniqlo first opened its store outside Japan in the year 2001 in the UK. Since then Uniqlo’s international store network has spread into numerous countries like China, Hong Kong, South Korea, USA, and France. In Japan alone Uniqlo has a network of around 760 stores. Uniqlo has evolved into a global brand not just by developing and designing high quality products but it also understands the local trend very fast and incorporates it into its products. Uniqlo’s investment in research and development has paid off huge dividends with great designs and products. Uniqlo has established its Research & Development wings in New York and Tokyo which are pushing the global standards in designing of casual wear. Uniqlo boasts of global flagship stores in New York’s SOHO shopping district (2006) and on London’s Oxford Street (2007).<br />

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