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Mini Case study on Proctor & Gamble (P & G)

Number of Words : 2413

Number of References : 6


 The paper answers the following questions on the case study –
 1. How could P&G use benefit segmentation when segmenting the beauty and grooming market? Identify two quite different market segments P&G could target using benefit segmentation. Describe these segments and discuss how these segments could be identified and reached by EM
 2. Discuss how an understanding of the consumer behavior concepts of learning and motivation would help P&G in their marketing of beauty and grooming products. Describe how these concepts could be applied in the context of purchasing beauty and grooming products.
 3. P&G develop a distinct brand for each of the different products within its portfolio. Discuss two concepts in consumer behavior that would assist them in the design of a promotional campaign for a new brand. Use relevant examples to illustrate your discussion.
 4. Discuss the role of culture in shaping the purchase and use of P&G beauty and grooming products. Would a new beauty and grooming brand be readily transferable from one county to a range of other countries? Use examples to illustrate.


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