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Case study report on DBD, a UK based company offering IT solutions

Number of Words : 4625

Number of References : 20


 Executive Summary 2
 Introduction 3
 Case studies: Success and Failure 5
 Options for DBD 9
 Impact on DBD’s operations 11
 Evaluation 12
 Conclusion 13
 References 14
 Bibliography 16


This report is based on the following requirement – <br />The Brief<br />DBD is a UK-based SME (Small-to-Medium size Enterprise) offering specialised IT solutions (e.g. management information systems) to corporate clients. With a turnover of around £1 millions for the last financial year, DBD employs 20 people including the owner and his spouse. The company is now in its tenth year of operation and has boosted a list of prestigious clients some are multinational companies. DBD is proud of its track record in developing innovative IT solutions which often exceed clients’ specifications including delivery and product support.<br />The company has a desire to expand its business overseas and is keen to explore the<br />possibility of developing joint ventures with partners in order to bid for technology-related projects in developing countries focusing primarily in Asia, Africa, Latin America and Middle-Eastern regions. However, it has little experience/knowledge in this area and has sought your service as consultants to advise the company the way forward. In particular, the company is keen to develop a better understanding of the potential opportunities and pitfalls associated with the formation of joint ventures with international partners.<br />The assignment<br />Acting as consultants to DBD, you are asked to prepare a consultant report discussing the enterprise and leadership issues normally associated with international joint ventures. Your work should focus on the operation/experience of two companies as case studies and the chosen companies should be based in the same developing country. One of the chosen companies should demonstrate a track record of being a successful enterprise, while the other a less successful (or unsuccessful) one. The discussion should be evidence based and the analysis should include wherever possible the application of the following tools: SWOT, PESTEL, CAUSE-AND-EFFECT and PORTER’S 5 FORCES. You should also include any two of the following topics in your investigation.<br />•Innovation management •Change management •Funding<br />•Intellectual properties •Technology roadmap •Organisation<br />•Product/customer support •Exit strategy •Accountability<br />Supported by good background research, the report should seek to integrate knowledge when discussing potential opportunities and challenges to be faced by DBD when embarking on a new international project. The scope of the analysis should be clearly defined, with constraints and assumptions clearly stated. Critical evaluation / discussion of the investigation should be supported by evidence in the form of well-researched real-life examples wherever possible. Sources of information must be properly cited throughout the report together with a list of references. The report should conclude with a set of recommendations with justifications (e.g. quantifiable business benefits) to support any development plan and/or proposed changes. submit a 3500-word joint report excluding tables, figures, references and appendices.<br />

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