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Analysis of the famous case study – ‘Strategic HRM at the Mayo Clinic’ by Sunil Ramlall

Number of Words : 3562

Number of References : 15


 This report is based on the following tasks –
 2.1 Explain the strategic purposes of human resource management
 2.2 Evaluate the techniques that can be used to measure business performance in Mayo Clinic
 2.3 Evaluate how strategic human resource management improves business of Mayo Clinic
 3.1 Analyse how the business context shapes human resource planning in Mayo Clinic.
 3.2 Describe how to develop human resource plans
 3.3 Produce a human resource plan for Mayo Clinic.
 4.1 Identify the different dimensions of human resource management in Mayo Clinic
 4.2 Identify the techniques used to manage human resources in Mayo Clinic
 4.3 Evaluate how the management of human resources contributes to the achievement
  of Mayo Clinic objectives


The paper discusses the need for strategic human resource management approach by Mayo Clinic, the first and largest not-for-profit health care organization. The financial instability, changes in health reforms and lack of medical professionals has forced Mayo clinic to strategize its human resource management to retain the existing talent and employ new workforce to meet the demands of the industry. The paper discusses how the human resource planning is influenced by the organizations business context. The paper further discusses the significance of human resource planning and proposes human resource planning for Mayo clinic. The paper in the end discusses the different dimensions of human resource management in Mayo clinic and also how it contributes to achieve Mayo clinic’s objectives.<br />

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