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Analysis of the famous case study on Cape House, Bangkok by Paul Patterson

Number of Words : 1193

Number of References : 5




This paper answers the following questions on the case study – <br />Q.1 Discuss in detail how Heskett’s ‘service –profit chain’ model might be used to explain the success of the Cape House. <br />Q.2 Discuss in detail how the concept of customer perceived value might explain Jessica’s loyalty to the Cape House. (Consider the 5 components)<br />Q.3 With reference to the 5 SERVQUAL dimensions, demonstrate with examples from the case how these dimensions are driving Jessica’s satisfaction with the Cape House. Are they of equal importance? Why or Why not?<br />Q. 4 Should the Cape House offer a service guarantee? Evaluate and make a recommendation that is justified. Assuming that Cape House was to offer a guarantee, design one to suit the service offering. Evaluate the service guarantee.<br />Q. 5 Based on the analysis of issues discussed in the previous questions, what implications are there for marketing and the firm as a whole for the future? Draw out two implications, explain & justify<br />

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