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Research paper on the change management introduces in Airasia Airlines

Number of Words : 5157

Number of References : 28


 A Research Paper 1
 Introduction 5
 Company Background 5
 Objectives 6
 Literature Review 6
 Impact of Strategic alliances and tie-ups 6
 Organizational Communication 8
 Communication Process during Organizational Change 9
 Communication of change to internal staffs 10
 Research Questions 11
 Methodology 12
 Methods 12
 Data Collection and Analysis 13
 Findings 13
 Channel of Communication in AirAsia 13
 Communication Styles in AirAsia 14
 Direction of Communication in AirAsia 14
 Discussion 15
 Channel of Communication 15
 Direction of Communication 15
 Communication Style 16
 Communication for Change of Tie-Ups 17
 Communication for Change of Duties 18
 Communication of Procedures and Policies 19
 Communication of Policies that would Impact the Job 19
 Sharing of Information 20
 Communication of Ideas and Suggestions 22
 Understanding of Change of Tie-Ups 23
 Conclusions 24
 References 26
 Appendix 30
 Questionnaire 30


The paper endeavors to study the change management introduced in a business organization and the pattern of communication flow followed with a special focus on a Malaysian concern, AirAsia.<br />

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