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Self reflection assignment using the theories of Change Management

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  Leadership in Change Management
  Change Management Model
  Power and Politics
  Conflict Management
  Culture and Design


ABC Constructions Pte Limited, a Singapore based construction company is experiencing diminished business and revenues for the past few years due to global meltdown. The company is into infrastructure building operations such as constructions of roads, bridges, flyovers, underpasses etc. The company operates in several developed and developing countries. The company has a huge reputation of quality construction and reliability. The company is currently experiencing a drop in its business volume as most of the countries where is operates have However, it has not taken any steps to counter the adverse effects of economical recession in terms of structural and functional changes to the organization. The company had huge capital reserves, which were being used to meet high overheads and operational expenses of its offices located in different nations. However, management is of late realizing the fact that the company does not have a sound strategy to deal with recession. The structural and functional changes to the organization now seem imminent. The management has identified the problem areas of the organization as a result of global economic meltdown. However, the management is yet to come out with a strategy to ensure sustenance of the business. The first step the management is contemplating is downsizing the business operations. But it is not sure as to how to go about it and also is not sure of the impacts of downsizing on the functioning of the organization. The organization so far has been running with hierarchical structure and many managers are insecure of their positions as a result of impending change. There is also a power battle on some quarters of the management to resist change and to continue operations without downsizing even at the cost of using up capital reserves. This section is portraying the image that recession is temporary and that downsizing would adversely influence the image of the organization as a financially sound and prosperous. There is also a section of managers in the senior management level who are continuing to work with the organization despite the fact that their roles in the organization are not crucial to the functioning and success of the organization. The board of directors has replaced the aged CEO with a new younger CEO to formulate a strategy and implement it survive through the recession period. The CEO has realized all these organizational politics, power play and a tendency among some of the senior managers to shirk responsibilities and resistance to contribute to the functioning of the organization by doing multiple tasks etc. The CEO has identified the current requirement of the company to sail through the recession period as downsizing operations and even staff, organizational restructuring and cultural change that expects mangers to involve in multiple tasks to make up for downsizing of the staff. The change processes have been identified and the change management team has been set up headed by the CEO himself. <br />

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