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Assignment analysing the changing trends in performance measurement systems, financial as well as non financial

Number of Words : 2360

Number of References : 11


 This assignment is based on the following assignment description –
 1. Identify subsequent important academic publications that identify the development of new financial and non-financial performance measurement models from the 1990s to the present day. Critically evaluate how they explain, expand, or critique the theory developed by Johnson and Kaplan. The work of Stern-Stewart on Economic Value Added and Kaplan/Norton on the balanced scorecard provide good examples and are obvious starting points. Some seminal articles are provided for you in the learning materials, however, higher marks will be awarded to students who research relevant up-to date articles and are able to critically evaluate and synthesise these articles. This is the main body of the assignment and should show that you have researched a number of academic articles that trace the developments up to the present day. Higher marks will be gained for critically evaluating and synthesising the literature, rather than merely describing each article in turn.
 2. Assess the impact of the new ideas on both companies and consultants. This can de done by finding specific case studies or academic surveys that have been undertaken on a number of companies.
 3. Conclude by summarising the literature and considering the extent to which the subsequent developments have overcome the original criticisms of Johnson and Kaplan.


The recent survey highlights on the fact that managers’ across the globe are rethinking of performance measurement system to give it a new appearance so as to manage business processes in the most efficient manner. This rethinking of the financial and non financial measurement models includes development of wide variety of performance measurement models which is built on competitive order and covers both financial and non financial aspects. It is believed a current review of financial and non financial performance measurement models will improve the competitive environment which meets the changing business demands and challenges. <br />The paper is presented in the form of a critique which analyzes the changing trends in performance measurement systems, financial as well as non financial since 1990 till present. The paper identifies the current developments and closes with research to support the new financial and non financial performance measurement framework. The latter half of the paper discusses the impact of these new developments and ideas on innovative performance measurement tools on companies and consultants. <br />

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