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Discussion on Coca Cola Amatil with respect to the issue of child labour

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 This paper is based on the following Assignment description –
 Coca Cola and child labor practices sparks off the debate on the illegal practice on this issue of child labor exploitation – Human right alert!
 1. Describe and compare the conditions and practices in this organization.
 2. Describe and discuss any Union, Government or Pressure group like ILO policy and any interventions that have or could potentially occur?
 3. Do the theories on culture help to explain the phenomenon and the occurrence of this or these practice/practices?
 4. Discuss and expand on what HR practices could be implemented to overcome and eliminate those anomalous practices and behaviors.
 5. Produce real life examples to enhance and promote your essay.


The company in discussion is Coal Cola, a multinational company which is very powerful company in FMCG line of products. The company Coca Cola was founded in the year 1886 and yes the history of this company is that old. Today, Coca Cola is the world famous brand. The Coca Cola started its first candy store in 1894 in Mississippi where the company started promoting the Coca Cola in the glass made bottles. In 1899, the company got its first bottling agreement for the sum of one dollar in USA. The 20th century saw a rapid growth in the coca cola factories. The improved bottling technology came as a big success to its people and the brand. According to Hitt, M, the Coca Cola bottling plants started its operations and the company was growing rapidly all across the country. The 1926 year saw the emergence of the Contour bottle of Coca Cola. The bottle had the logo embedded on the bottles which made it different from the other glass bottles. The icon of Coca Cola was very prominent and widely recognized even in the dark areas. In 1960, new brands came in to existence which was a competition to Coca Cola. The brands were the famous Tab, Fanta, Sprite and many more equally competent as Coca Cola and let’s see how Coca Cola managed to be number 1. The competition was intense and so cut the competition Coca Cola merged with the other global chain and started operating on the world scale and this came as a success to them. Today, Coca Cola is a big brand where the company has its plants in local communities as well. The business is quite successful but the question in the lime light is the illegal practices alert in Coca Cola factories. <br />

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