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Business Plan on a Chocho Factory

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  Executive summary
  Market analysis
  Product line
  Customer base and Target market
  Price points
  Porter’s Five Forces model
  PESTAL Analysis
  Financial Modeling
  Sales Projections
  Break even analysis
  Market growth & Absorption strategy


Chocolate ranks amongst one of the top 10 preferred in-takes or consumption trends today. It is said to be carrying some health benefits also especially the dark chocolate. Sales of chocolate are soaring globally making chocolate more popular than ever before, attracting entrepreneurs to cash in from this growth opportunity. Chocolate is replacing Coffee as a choice and with the change in the equilibrium position of global demand and supply as well as the parity of purchasing power of consumers, one could safely invest in a business of chocolate factory. It is advisable to get into a business, which is lucrative enough for the next five year to one decade. Therefore, whatever investment goes into a chocolate business at its overall cash-cow position currently benefits any new entrant also, provided they offer the right product in the market. <br />This is a business plan, which would help investor or entrepreneurs to look at an entry strategy into Chocolate business, competitive strategy, break-even point, and challenges. Our preferred geography is Kuwait as being a part of the fastest growing nation of the globe UAE; consumers globally are gradually accepting chocolate in their essential or desired product basket. The market absorption of chocolate as a product is high today and showing positive signs for future. This is largely driven by the increasing per capita income and purchasing power of consumers today. While looking at the competitive advantage of choosing a product line chocolate, we would also look at the social and climatic aspects of acceptance for chocolate in Kuwait. <br />

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