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E-Business strategy assignment on Citibank

Number of Words : 5275

Number of References : 19

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 E-Business Strategy 3
 Strategy steps 4
 Setting up mission and objectives 4
 Environmental Scanning 4
 Strategy formulation 5
 Strategy Implementation 6
 Evaluation and Control 7
 E-Business 7
 E-Business Strategies 8
 E Business Strategy components 9
 Supply chain management 9
 Customer service and customer relationship management 10
 Inventory and service management integration 10
 Tactical operations alignment 10
 Implementing Business Strategy 10
 E-business strategy in Citibank 11
 Conclusion 16
 References 18


This assignment is based on the following requirements –<br />1.Outline and briefly review some of the strategy formulation techniques <br />available for Citibank in order to compete in the e-business environment. <br />2.Critically evaluate Citibanks existing strategies in relation to e-business and <br />information systems and appraise their relevance and effectiveness in meeting <br />corporate objectives. Also discuss why some strategies are not relevant to <br />Citibank. <br />3.Analyse the current situation of Citibank and then identify and assess the<br />range of specific strategic options available to Citibank to enhance their future<br />e-business success. Perform some comparison with other similar big financial <br />institution. <br />

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