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Comprehensive assignment on Clinical Governance

Number of Words : 4461

Number of References : 16


 Introduction 3
 Part A 4
 Episode of Care 4
 Part B 9
 Values Underpinning Clinical Governance 9
 Empathy 11
 Right of the Patient 12
 Right of Residents of Healthcare 13
 Part C 15
 Components of Clinical Governance 15
 Teamwork 15
 Communication 16
 Collaboration 18
 Conclusion 19
 References 21


Medical care is an important component of civilized human life. Proper medical care ensures the overall health of the society and the nation as a whole can function better when the diseases, epidemics, old age health issues are in control. The purpose of medical governance is to ensure adequate and appropriate healthcare delivered in hospitals and to raise the standard of the medical care (Robert McSherry, Paddy Pearce, John Tingle, 2007). Clinical governance is defined as “A systematic and integrated approach to assurance and review of clinical responsibility and accountability that improves quality and safety resulting in optimal patient outcomes” (WA Health Services, 2005). The paper discusses three clinical governance values and three clinical governance components as applied to a chosen episode of care the writer of this paper has experience. The paper draws insights from theories and tries to identify and apply those theories to the chosen episode of care. The research paper contains three parts. The first part describes the episode of care from the experience of this writer and identifies three values and three components of episode of care. The second part of the paper analyses as to how the three values of clinical governance are adhered to or violated in the chosen episode of care. The third part discusses as to how three components of clinical governance contribute to the quality of care in the chosen episode of care.<br />

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