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Analysis of the famous – ‘Coffee at McDonalds – A Burning question’ case study

Number of Words : 629




This paper answers the following questions on the case study – <br />1. From the internet reports, explain why the judge reduced the reward of $2.7 million to $480000.<br />2. What the amount finally awarded to Stella Liebeck?<br />3. What is ‘perineum?<br />4. Has this case may any difference in McDonald’s Coffee temperature and label today?<br />5. Was McDonald treated fairly by the courts, given all the facts of the case?<br />6. Who are stakeholders in case? Who won and who lost the case?<br />7. Does the case signal that strong product liability law and tort reform are needed in the United States?<br />8. Does this case prove that justice is fairly served in democratic and capitalistic societies?<br />

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