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Customer & competitive analysis on Coles Ltd

Number of Words : 6830

Number of References : 20


  Company introduction
  Organizational resources
  Industry definition
  Customer analysis – Key questions, Market segmentation, Assessment of current strategies, Conclusions & Recommendations
  Competitor analysis – Porter’s five forces, Benchmarking, PEST analysis, Space analysis, SWOT analysis, Assessment of competitor strategies, Comparison
  Marketing mix
  Value chain analysis
  Comparison of capabilities
  Future strategies – Coles, Woolworths
  List of references


Coles Everyday has been chosen for this analysis. Everyone can be a customer of supermarkets, with the wide range of product with different prices; supermarkets serve all people (no limit of gender, age, income) to satisfy daily needs and wants. Thus target market has been divided into 3 categories i.e. Family Shoppers, Time saver buyers and International students.The major competitor of Coles Everyday is Woolworths who holds around 42% of the total market share where Coles holds around 30% of the total market share. Some of the strategies that Coles is currently pursuing to increase its market share are Coles Online Shopping, Promotion of Housebrands, Coles Meal Ideas, Coles Healthy Living, Baby Club, FlyBuys and Coles Cares. To counter the strategies of Coles, Woolworths is pursuing the strategies like Shop online, Weekly Specials and Kids Corner.Some of the future strategies of Coles include Increasing investments in supermarkets, Training of supermarket manager and store teams, Transformation of supply chain and IT systems by 2008, Enhancement of loyalty programs like FlyBuys etc. <br />

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