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Market Research report on Commonwealth bank, Australia regarding the customer service perception towards the bank

Number of Words : 4743

Number of References : 21


  Executive Summary
 1. Introduction.
 2. Defining the problem.
 2.1. The Management Problem.
 2.2. The Market research problem.
 2.3. The hypotheses or propositions of the market research.
 3. The Market research scope or Objectives.
 4. Issue of needs.
 5. The market research design (Components).
 5.1 Market research design selection (For Bank).
  (Put the graph of market research design)
  6. Information of ‘nice to know’ and ‘need to know’.
  7. Identification of the Information sources.
  7.1 Applications of the secondary sources for the bank.
  7.2 Gaps need to be filled in through primary research data collection.
  8. Ethical, professional issues in the research process.
  9. Conclusion.
  10. References.


This research report is based on all the secondary sources available regarding Commonwealth Bank Australia about the customer service perception, towards the bank. There have been use of different types of secondary sources in quest of finding the real picture of the Banking sector especially with the Commonwealth bank’s customers’ needs, expectation overall the service perception what the bank is providing at the moment. The marketing research process has been applied to the report following the management problem to the market research problem which formulated towards the hypotheses. Moreover, in the present competitive banking environment, most of the banks offer the same or similar products around the world and service quality is a vital means to differentiate them in the market place. Therefore, to be successful, retail banks must provide service to their customers that meets or exceeds their expectations, and the present study will provide at least some sorts of guidelines to the policy makers of the banks, right decision to improve the quality of services, in particular in Australia and Asia-Pacific in general. Obviously, the current research contributes toward understanding the relationship among customer services, customer satisfaction, and customer perception. Three limitations have been identified in this study. First, the limited numbers of bank branches were covered under the study. Second, the sample size and the number of actual respondents are limited and finally, a more robust analysis is needed to reach a strong conclusion. In order to greatly contribute to the existing body of knowledge about customer satisfaction within the banking sector in Australia, it is recommended that similar future research could be conducted taking in the whole operation coverage of the bank and with more sample sizes; also to differentiate the levels of the customer perception in the banking sector.<br />

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