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Strategic management assignment on Commonwealth Bank of Australia

Number of Words : 4222

Number of References : 14


  Part 1 – Business competencies of Banking System
  Commonwealth bank of Australia (CBA)
  PART 2 – Identification of Strategic Capabilities
  Situational analysis
  SWOT Analysis of Commonwealth bank of Australia (CBA)
  Risk identification
  Part 3 – Strategic Positioning
  Customer service
  Business banking Mix
  Technology and operational excellence
  Trust and team spirit
  Progress and Momentum
  Part 4 – Recommended and Proposed strategy
  Which new strategy for CBA?
  An Integrated approach


In the present scenario of the downturn of the economy, or in other words, the ‘bullish economy’ has posed a host of questions encompassing almost all fields of financial institutions as well as personal lives. When President Obama made a promise of ‘change’, all eyes were set on the financial stability he could create in these slow times. Global economy deterioration has spanned the world into its grip of financial crisis, unemployment and bankruptcy. And the banking sector has been a major hit worldwide with the collapse of Lehman Brothers. Henceforth, it is significant to examine, in the light of this economic slowdown, the effect it has on business organisations/setups particularly on banking. <br />Banking has been worst affected by this phenomenon; therefore, a study of ‘Strategic analysis’ is not only important, but also quite interesting. Challenges to Banks are appearing in terms of restructuring of finances, interest rates and employment reduction, employee retention and employee wellbeing. However, it should be noted that all is not lost; in the current economic crisis, opportunities for Banking System can also be traced as cost management and elimination of redundancies.<br />This exploratory research has segmented Commonwealth Bank- one of the largest Australian bank to review the scope of banking system at large in the globalised economies. It has been divided into four parts. First part will dig in the competencies of bank. Second part will identify the strategic capabilities of the company whereas third part will validate the soundness of those capabilities in respect to strategic positioning of the bank. The fourth and final part will zero in on the proposed plan of strategy that bank could adopt to excel more followed by a brief conclusion. <br />

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