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Power Point Presentation on 'Communicating Ideas in Science'

Number of Words : 28 slides


 Why Learn to Communicate?
 Transferable Skills
 Dissemination – who is the audience and what am I trying to achieve?
 Lab / Small Group Meetings
 Formal Seminars
 Presentation Pointers [Arial 36]
 Journal Papers
 Poster Presentations
 A one – minute short talk
 Research Council Funding – Accounting to the Public
 Research Councils encourage public dissemination of research
 Popular Science for Scientists
 Fora for Popular Science
 Public Bodies
 Welcome Trust – Innovative Communication in Science
 Press Releases – the Five “W”s
 Recipes for Successful Communication
 The Language of Mass Communication
 Science and Education – promoting Science in Schools
 Investing in the Future


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