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Essay focussing on Communication issues at Work

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  Executive summary
  Current situations of cross-border communication
  Challenges faced & Tools to overcome
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Increasing expansion and development in global economy and every country getting open to global development is building up base for many global challenges or tasks to take care of. Amongst various aspects one of the most critical is cross-boarder interactions or transactions and cross-cultural communications. Globalization and economic liberalization has shortened physical boarders of nations. Cross boarder transactions happens at all facets of life, starting from culture, education, work etc. These interactions carry long and short term effects as well. They go out to effect one-on-one interaction, group interactions, big association, inter-state, national as well as cross boarder interactions from larger prospects. There are no restrictions which cannot be overlapped or broken barring which cross-boarder wide transactions are affecting nations both at a macro as well as micro level. When we are doing such cross-boarder transactions the most important aspect that one must respect is the way the communication happens or flows cross-boarder. Cross-boarder interactions especially in on business communication terms becomes most wanted criteria. In an international business transaction, two entities from very different cultures, ethics and moral values come close and interact almost on a regular interval. It is thus imperative to keep the respect factor in mind and help the other party feel comfortable and vice-versa. Each caste, culture and community would have their own stereotypes and international transactions ought to revolve around them. Cultural stereotypes are perceptions and pre-conceived ideas held about other cultures and people in international markets Similarly, effective communication, respecting cultural nuances is equally imperative for a international interaction to be successful. There are specific details that needs careful watch, study, understanding and respect as each place’s communication style and concept are completely different from the other (Fiske, Kitayama, Markus & Nisbett, 1998) (Shore, 1996).<br />

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