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Communication Plan for Nike Hypervenom Shoes

Number of Words : 2100

Number of References : 20


 Introduction 3
 Product Profile: Nike Hypervenom 3
 Marketing and communications objectives 4
 Marketing objectives 4
 Communications objectives 4
 Campaign budget 5
 Approximate budget of the campaign 5
 Budgeting Method 5
 Marketing communications mix 6
 Media Vehicles 6
 Reasons for Choosing Media Vehicles 6
 Describe the creative concept of the campaign 7
 Translation of Concept to Online Advertisement 8
 Media planning and controls 8
 Media plan for HyperVenom 8
 Evaluation of Campaign Outcomes 9
 Bibliography 10


Company Nike is an American multinational company found in 1965 as Blue Ribbon Sports. It was renamed as Nike in 1971 (O'Reilly, 2014). It fosters a culture of innovation and is one of leading manufacturers of athletic products all over the world. It employs around 4400 employees and earns revenue of 25 billion USD globally. It deals with a wide range of products namely shoes, clothing, and other accessories. This task is developed to provide for a marketing communications strategy for new Nike “Hypervenom” football and soccer shoes (Nike, 2015). It report comprises of marketing and communication objectives, budget and budgeting method of the campaign, marketing communication mix and media planning and controls in promoting the product.<br />

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