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Compare and Contrast of Innovation Management in Infosys and IBM

Number of Words : 4887

Number of References : 25


 Introduction 2
 Innovation Management 3
 Innovation Management at IBM 6
 Innovation Management at Infosys 9
 A Comparison of Innovation Management at IBM and Infosys 13
 Recommendations 15
 Conclusion 16
 References 18


This report is based on the following requirement - <br />You are required to compare and contrast the innovation management of two organizations in the same sector but with headquarters in different countries e.g. Toyota and Tata Motors. You need to compare some of the key aspects of the innovation management of each organization by utilizing appropriate models and frameworks (e.g. Tidd and Bessant’s (2013) 4 step innovation process). You should then go on to establish what the respective organizations can learn from one another in terms of innovation management. Finally, you are expected to provide recommendations to improve the innovation management in each of the businesses.<br />

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