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Assignment on Design Principles and Applications in Construction Management

Number of Words : 1075

Number of References : 2


 1. Client Brief 3
 1.1.Aim of the project 3
 1.2.Existing situation 3
 1.3. Project requirements 3
 1.3.1. Physical requirements 3
 1.3.2. Functional requirements 3
 1.3.3. Non-physical requirements 4
 1.3.4. Space for unusual items 4
 1.3.5. Relationship between rooms 4
 1.3.6. Time frame 4
 1.3.Budget 4
 1.4.Improvement of the client brief 4
 2. Influence of Site factors on design process 5
 3.Various parties involved in design strategy 7
 References 8


This assignment is based on the following assignment description –<br />Scenario<br /> You are to adopt the role of an architect. You have been commissioned by Moulton College to design a new residence for the farm manager. The residence is part of an estate which is proposed in Clay Close next to the Pitsford Centre. <br />Task <br />Produce a 1000 word report that includes the following. The report should be written for an un-informed client who wants to learn about the processes involved, and constraints therein, typical of such projects. <br />• Briefly explain what ‘the client brief’ means and how it can be improved.<br />• Considering the scenario, explain how site factors would influence the design process and the final design.<br />• Produce a chart showing roles and responsibilities of various parties involved in the design stages. Submit the chart in the form of a presentation (not more than two slides) along with speaker notes.<br />

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