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Consultancy project on Diageo

Number of Words : 3783

Number of References : 18


 Executive Summary 3
 Introduction 4
 About the Company 5
 Current position 6
 Global Competition 7
 Value chain analysis 8
 The strategy of International Business 9
 Joint venture 9
 Horizontal expansion 10
 Transnational strategy 10
 Foreign direct investment 10
 Mergers and Acquisition 11
 International Trade Theory 12
 Foreign Exchange Rates 13
 Recommendation 14
 Conclusions 15
 Bibliography 17


The following report is based on the spirits giant Diageo plc, which was founded in 1997 as a merger and is headquartered at London, United Kingdom. The purpose of the report is to analyze their business strategies and to suggest international trade strategies to help them in entering different regional markets, improve market penetration, improve their product line and thereby helping the company gain more profitability and sales figures. <br />

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