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Consumer Behavior report on computer market using the example of Apple & Dell

Number of Words : 4258

Number of References : 24


 Executive Summary 2
 Introduction 4
 Consumer behavior and marketing strategy of firms 4
 About Apple Computers 4
 About Dell Computers in Australia 5
 Purpose of the project 5
 Forces that impact consumer behavior 6
 Apple– laptops and notebook 7
 Marketing strategy 7
 Strategy that affects the external forces of consumer behavior 7
 Strategy which impacts the internal forces of consumer behavior 9
 Main strategy (Internal) 12
 Response of target market to Internal Marketing & Promotional Activities 12
 Dell – laptops and notebook 14
 Marketing strategy 14
 Strategy which impacts the external forces of consumer behavior 15
 Strategy which impacts the internal forces of consumer behavior 17
 Main strategy (External) 19
 Response of target market to external marketing & internal marketing 19
 Analysis 20
 Conclusion 21
 Bibliography 22


This repot tis based on the following requirement - <br />You must choose two brands within a product (including service or not for profit) category marketed by different firms that interests you (and which information can be found), and describe and discuss the areas in which consumer behavior theory and concepts have been applied by those firms to analyse the target market and market the brands. Analyze in depth the two theories or concepts and their practical applications to your chosen brands. The key is to identify how the firms marketing the brands are attempting to understand, influence, modify or impact their consumers’ behavior using specific consumer behavior theory. (Please note that simple regurgitation of the text book theory is not acceptable). The assessment will be based on your ability to clearly explain the consumer behavior theory and concepts identified and clearly show application. You must reinforce your discussion with clear evidence that supports, explains and critiques the chosen consumer behavior theory within the context of the brand chosen. A good way to demonstrate is to use for example, the brand advertising (magazine ads) to highlight the theory and its application by your chosen firms.<br />You are also required to analyze and discuss why the firms (organizations) use different theory/concept, how their approach differs, what benefits each firm obtains strategically from their different approach, and which approach you would recommend (which concept is more powerful) to apply in a firm's marketing strategy..<br />

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