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Contract Administration Process

Number of Words : 3908

Number of References : 17


 Introduction 2
 Objectives of Contract Administration 2
 Purpose of Contract Administration 4
 Contract Administration: Aspects to Manage 5
 Responsibilities of Contract Administration 8
 Tools of Contract Administration 9
 Contract Close-Out 11
 Lessons Learned 13
 Conclusion 13
 References 15


A contract is an oral or written agreement between two or more parties wherein they agree to carry out certain activities and responsibilities as per certain terms and conditions agreed by all the parties. Contract administration support and manages this process by ensuring that all parties adhere to the terms and conditions mentioned in the contract. The report discusses the objectives, purpose and aspects to be managed by contract administration. The report also discusses the responsibilities and tools of contract administration. In the end the report discusses the contract close-out process and the lessons learnt from the entire process of contract administration. <br />

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