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Comparison of Corporate Governance laws and Codes of Australia and Singapore

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  Definition of Corporate Governance
  Corporate Governance in Australia
  Corporate Governance of Singapore
  Similarities between Australian principles and Singapore
  Dis-similarities between Australian Principles and that of Singapore
  List of references


Corporate Governance was a hardly heard topic a decade ago unlike today when it is more like a staple food in business environment, capital market and economic purview of any nation. <br />It is a set of processes and policies which affects the way a group or association is directed, administered or controlled. This association may be a country or a company. The ultimate objective of this association is governed by a common guideline. All the stakeholders who revolve around this common objective become a part of the corporate governance rule or phenomena. Corporate governance ensures accountability of specific individuals or subgroups to reduce changes of error in a society and hence its contribution is immense in economic efficiency of a country as a whole (Robert, Monks, Minow, 2008)<br />Various activities in the society emphasizes on a clearly demarcated corporate governance guidelines which can prevent any collapse of large nature like 1929 or 2008 etc. As a part of such initiative US Federal passed the Sarbanes-Oxley Act which could help safeguarding public confidence in phenomena like corporate governance.<br />We have defined the concept of corporate governance from a country’s perspective and then evaluated the difference between corporate governance norms between an Australia and Singapore. Both the country definitely maintains a different corporate governance rules but they complement each other, in case seen from an overall global perspective. We have penned down their similarities as well as dissimilarities (John and Senbet, 1998)<br />

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