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Paper on Corporate Social Responsibility & Multi-national corporations

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Competing in the twenty – first century requires firms to invest in the increasing refined managerial skills needed to perform effectively in a multicultural environment. Different countries exhibit very different views on the make up of business ethics. These differences are regarded as based largely in cultural diversity and can greatly affect the multinational manager’s ability to manage ethical behaviour. Although multinational managers have a fiduciary responsibility to maximize the value of their companies, on the other hand, the non governmental organisations and / or social institutions in the host country also forces multinational corporations to recognize the ethical standards of employees, customers, investors, and others who interact within organisation. In addition, convergence in business ethics has also led to a quickening of the pace of business, giving multinational managers even less time to consider the ethical nature of their actions. Finally, though global business environment demands international manager to take positive stance on issues of social responsibility and ethical behaviour, a multinational manager can not be sensitive to issues such as; moral behaviour arising from operating in a different culture.<br />

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