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Discussion paper on Corporate social responsibility (CSR) & Triple Bottom line (TBL) reporting

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  Discussion in relation to particular corporations
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This discussion paper talks about how organizations may use innovative processes in an environment of triple bottom line (TBL), corporate social responsibility (CSR) reporting system to create sustainable competitive advantage. It discusses the meaning and the current scenario of TBL and CSR reporting system and which corporations are using it to create sustainable advantage. Arguments both in favour and against this concept have been incorporated in this paper to clearly understand the benefits and the difficulties in adopting this approach. The two giants of the soft drinks industry – Coke and Pepsi have been used as an example to understand how the corporations are discharging their responsibility towards customers, environment and society as a whole and communicating it through their CSR reports to the stakeholders. This paper critically examines some of the acts of these two corporations which had an adverse impact on the society. An attempt has been made to look at the situation from the point of view of all related parties so that an objective evaluation can be made. No recommendations have been made on what these organizations should or shouldn’t have done but only the situations have been looked from different perspectives to understand what went wrong.<br />

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