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Councelling case study

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  Social, Legal, Ethical issues
  Professional and Personal challenges
  Plan for working with the client


This assignment is based on the following case study – <br />Case Study <br />Your client has attended four sessions with you so far. In the third session, your client commenced a discussion about the challenges of living with violence. The client believes that the children in the house are not in any danger as most of the fighting occurs after they go to bed. <br />Your client arrives for the fourth session with a black eye and says, “It is nothing – just an accident”. On further exploration you discover that the black eye resulted from the fight between your client and their partner. The children have asked about the black eye and the client has told them “It was only an accident”. The client then expresses surprise when describing one of the children stating, “Like when you two fight and throw things – that‟s just an accident too”. At the end of the session you are concerned for the children‟s safety and want to discuss the situation with your client. <br />Your case study should include: <br /> A discussion of the social, legal and/or ethical issues involved in this situation <br /> Identification of any challenges you might encounter, both personally and professionally, in working with this client <br /> A plan for working with this client in light of those challenges and the social, legal and/or ethical issues present <br /> A discussion of the issues raised in the case study in light of relevant legislation <br /> Reference to relevant literature, linking your ideas to theory discussed in the unit <br />

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