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Report on Coupon as a method of Sales promotion

Number of Words : 3455

Number of References : 18


 Executive Summary
 Definitions and introduction of sales promotion
 Literature Review
 Couponing Program
 Distribution system
 POP Coupons (point of purchase couponing program)
 Coupons which are Instantly Redeemable
 Coupons delivered on Shelf
 Scanned coupons
 Coupons through Direct Mailing
 Free-Standing Inserts
 Online Couponing
 Advantage of Couponing System
 Low Price or Price Reduction & Repeat Purchase
 Sampling Method & Product Establishment
 Instrument for Immediate Sale
 Limitations of a Couponing Program
 Dilution of Customer base and Lack of proper Sales Estimation System
 Conceptual model of Consumer Behaviour while shopping in a store and influence of advertising or brand promotion activity like Coupon system in this system
 Benefit of Couponing Program in Sales Promotion
 Use of coupons in presentation


Marketing as a subject is a fundamental mix of 4 Ps i.e. Product, Price, Place and Promotion and Sales Promotion, to be more specific forms an integral part of this marketing mix for a marketer. Promotional activity for pushing the product sale upwards is essentially termed as Sales Promotion and hence, structuring a Sales Promotion is directly linked of the Net Sales of the said product in the market. We would try and define Sales Promotion, talk about how it is generally structured and to be specific we would discuss the system of use of Coupons in a Sales Promotion activity. The basic objective of using Coupons by a manufacturer or marketer is to boost sale and hence, there are various types of coupons with multiple objective to propagate. There have been many write ups, thesis, journals and cases on this Coupon concept and we would try and touch upon a few of them in this report. <br />

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