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Assignment on Creativity and Innovation as vital ingredients for the success of a learning organisation

Number of Words : 3270

Number of References : 12


  Executive summary
  To Define Creativity & Innovation
  The Differentiation Act
  Factors influencing organization creativity
  Google - A learning organization


This assignment is based on the following assignment description – <br />Creativity and innovation are widely accepted as being vital ingredients for the success of a learning organisation. For this assessment you will be expected to complete three tasks which focus on these aspects (1000 words each).<br />1. Differentiate between creativity and innovation (providing clear definitions) and explain why creativity and innovation are such vital ingredients for a learning organisation.<br />2. What are the key factors which influence organisation creativity? <br />3. Select an organisation with which you are familiar and explain how creativity is nurtured. Highlight areas where you feel creativity is blocked and give reasons why this might occur. You may select an organisation that you have read about, visited or in which you are employed. Supply supporting information if you wish as appendices.<br />

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