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Essay on importance of Creativity and Innovation in modern world

Number of Words : 2474

Number of References : 13


 Introduction of importance of Creativity and Innovation
 Importance of creativity & innovation in the modern business
 Role of creative people in the business
 How diversity in the organization affects creativity
 Conclusion on Innovation and creativity in business
 References of Innovation and creativity
 Appendix of Innovation and creativity


This paper is written to discuss the concepts of <b>creativity</b> and <b>innovation</b> and the <b>importance</b> that it holds in the modern <b>business</b>. To start with it discusses the meaning of <b>creativity</b> and <b>innovation</b> and what is the difference between these two. It talks about the possibility of having the one without the other and what could be the various consequences. The paper goes on to discuss the role that <b>creativity</b> and <b>innovation</b> pays in the business and how the managers although being aware of it are not making deliberate efforts to strive for it. The <b>importance</b> of the organizational climate in promoting <b>creativity</b> has been discussed giving special emphasis on diversity in the organization. An attempt has been made to discuss how the diversity in the organizational culture can be used to promote <b>creativity</b> in the organization and how its mismanagement could result in the reverse effects.<br />

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