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Comprehensive assignment on Creativity at workplace

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  A word about the Company – xyz
  Theories on Creativity and its application in Organization Culture
  Encouragement & Application of Creativity & Innovation within the Company
  Freedom at work
  Work load/pressure/stress
  Organization Impediments
  Isaken’s – Situational Outlook
  Creativity & HRM


Creativity is generating new ideas and building upon ideas is termed as creativity but innovation is the implementation stage where the creative ideas are applied at workplace. In any organization, creativity and innovation play an important role in developing a healthy organization culture. Organization creativity is an ever evolving process and keeps changing to maintain a high standard of quality, quantity, cost and customer satisfaction which is crucial to any organization. An organization cannot think of success, growth and efficiency without two important elements of creativity and innovation. To achieve the desired goals, organizations should implement creativity and innovation in its procedures to experience higher growth and greater market satisfaction. The observations cited in the report are of the view that on order to achieve higher growth in the organization, it is of immense importance to integrate the aspects such as creativity and innovation in organization culture. A deeper manifestation of creativity in the organization policies and procedures will bring upon internal integration and adaptation of external environment. Drawing information on current corporate climate holds that the creativity concept refers to a set of coherent ideas, attitude, behaviours and feelings in an organization. <br />According to the author, organization culture is defined as a pattern of people in a group who are struggling towards learning external adaptation and bringing upon internal integration for future growth and development. The authors are also of the view that to inculcate these elements of change, flexibility is crucial. In order to grow in the era of fierce competition, the organization culture should be open to change and remove all barriers of rigidity which may be a stumbling block in bringing upon organization change for the good. For an ever changing business environment, creativity and innovation play an important role in creating a sound work culture by integrating innovation in all phases of business be it product development, promotion, pricing or internal change in the organization. <br />Wonder if there is no creativity involved in business practices then how would a company differentiate its products from the other ones. Creativity indeed is important for organization growth and its very survival in the industry. The below mentioned paragraphs will help us look at creativity and innovation at depth and understand the importance of such tools and its application in business practices. The issues covered in this paper relate to draw backs in organization which lead to failure of creativity from flourishing in the business environment. The paper also draws attention to theories for creativity by renowned authors and how can this be used to foster spirit of creativity and innovation in business environment. This is followed by recommendation which represents the facts on how creativity can be achieved at its best. <br />

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