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Analysis of the famous case study ‘Crisis Control’

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 This essay answers the following questions on the case study –
 1. What role would the HR function play in developing both the medium and a long term strategy to achieve the conflicting goals of reducing costs whilst maintaining the desired level of human capital?
 2. If GMS were to decide to reduce the size of the workforce, or change employment arrangements to reduce labour costs, what legal issues would need to be addressed? Is Stacey correct in saying that redundancies and layoffs would be legally justifiable?


The organizational structure is a complex notion with its various types, sub-types and layers. One of the most significant functionalities of organizational structure is the role played by the human resource (HR) management in an organization. Due to competition, globalization, and continuous change in markets and technology, there are profound changes evident in human resource management. That is to say, the function of human resource management has become more crucial and significant than before.<br /> This paper will briefly address the significance of HR functions with regard to the example of case study in question. It will look into the role of human resource management in developing medium as well as long-term strategy in order to achieve conflicting goals of cost reduction in the organization while maintaining the level of human capital. Moreover, the paper will examine the legal issues associated with workforce arrangements or labour layoff issues, and the HR responsibilities in this context.<br />

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