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Critical Analysis of the Creative and Innovation Climate at Ooredoo

Number of Words : 2338

Number of References : 10


 Executive Summary 2
 Introduction 2
 Critical Analysis of the Creative and Innovation Climate at Ooredoo 3
 Role of HRM and Organizational Leadership in developing and maintaining Creative and Innovative Climate 7
 Conclusions 8
 Recommendations 9
 References 11


Creativity is present at individual levels and can be defined as ability to imagine and produce a novel idea, which is unique and never been thought of. Innovation is the process of implementing the novel ideas. In organizational context creativity can exist only if the employees are provided a flexible structure, autonomy in their tasks and increased employee engagement. Employees develop intrinsic motivation when provided with such a climate, which helps in delivering innovative products and services. Ooredoo values its customers and employees to a great extent and hence has maintained a culture wherein the employees are provided an environment, for creativity through increased employee engagement, empowerment and autonomy. The company encourages employees to contribute effectively by recognizing their efforts and supporting them through required resources. The organization requires to further encourage cross functional activities in the organization, which will help the employees to evolve further and contribute to various aspects of the business.<br />

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