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Critical Analysis of the Hawaii Tourism Strategic Plan for the years 2005-2015

Number of Words : 2046

Number of References : 9


 Introduction 3
 Critical Analysis 4
 Accessibility 4
 Outreach and communications 5
 Culture 5
 Marketing 6
 Natural resources 7
 Research and planning 8
 Safety and security 8
 Product development 8
 Workforce Development 8
 Conclusion 9
 Bibliography 10


The objective of the paper is to comprehend the significant role of the Destination Management Organizations (DMO) and its activities to induce strategic tourism plans for Hawaii. This is critical as though the tourism industry of Hawaii is contributing to the economy of the country for long term growth DMO is aiming at improving sustainable tourism relating the tourism business with the social and cultural dimension of the region. <br />As per the strategic vision of the Hawaii Tourism Strategic Plan for the years 2005-2015, the ministry and stakeholders of the tourism business would aim at transforming the tourism from “sustainable” to “responsible” tourism effort for the sector of the state which would considerately management the success of the Hawaii tourism and its long term growth (Hawaii Tourism Authority Board of Directors, 2005). <br />

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