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Critical evaluation of creative thinking

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The importance of creative thinking still reverberates in each and every aspect of individual development and organizational growth. Creative thinking is integral in dealing with environmental uncertainties and new kinds of problems, providing best possible solutions for such problems. Regardless of its benefits, there exist creative thinking blocks that impede the process of critical thinking. Situations evolve and change every minute or second, requiring us to debug strategies continuously and finding new approaches to overcome the initial framing of the situation. The innovative approaches lie in critical thinking and becoming fixated on initial mindset is key to poor decision-making. <br /> These are factors that hinder individuals from reasoning out inductively and deductively to come up with creative and innovative decisions. In this report, practical blocks, cognitive blocks, emotional blocks, perceptual blocks, polarizing blocks, cultural blocks and intellectual blocks are identified as obstacles creative thinking. Additionally, structured techniques such as brainstorming, lateral thinking, synectics and mind mapping can be employed as remedies to creative thinking blockages.<br />

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