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Assignment on Critical issue in Aviation industry

Number of Words : 2613

Number of References : 10


 Introduction 2
 The Issue 2
 Significance and Response 5
 Traditional carriers 5
 Airports 6
 Passengers 7
 Authority 8
 Conclusion 8
 References 10


This assignment is based on the following requirement – <br />1. Identify a critical issue facing a key sector of the commercial aviation industry. <br />Development of low cost airlines and aviation industry. <br />2. Note what makes this issue of critical importance to this sector. <br />Effect on the industry eg; traditional full service carriers, airports, passengers, market share decrease for full service carriers. And examples for these points. And more.....<br />3. Consider from a strategic management point of view how the sector has responded to this issue in its operational characteristics<br />

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