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Critical reflection essay on example from your workplace

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 This essay is based on the following requirement -
 For this critical reflection essay you are required to consider an example from your workplace that will allow you to write and reflect upon an issue that involves a business problem that you have faced that involves ethical issues.
 Your essay should include an examination of the business practice as well as the related ethical dimensions. In your discussion you need to evaluate both the professional practice issues of your example as well as the ethical principles and how these may (or may not) conflict.
 Use the techniques described in the first 4 chapters of the text book to assist you in this process and the information provided in topic 1 and the glossary.
 If you are not currently employed you can take an example from the news or other source to write about and reflect upon.  Remember though that the example needs to be one that involves a business problem that allows you to comment on both professional practice issues and ethical questions.


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