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Critique of the Article - The 7 Principles of supply chain management

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This article critique is based on criticising the article titled as “The 7 principles of supply chain management”. The title of the article clarifies that the major point of the discussion by the author is about the concept of supply chain management and its principles that has to be considered in performing the management of supply chain process of an organisation. In order to perform a critical analysis of the given article on seven principles of supply chain management, it becomes essential to have an understanding of the concept of supply chain management. Supply chain management (SCM) is basically a process that involves the management of a wide range of interconnected activities that is concerned with the movement of raw materials for processing into finished products to factory and their shipment final consumers. In simple words, it implies the management of activities between the processes of sourcing raw materials to the delivery of finished products to customers (Lambert, 2008).<br />

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