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Assignment on Cross cultural management : Whirlpool Strategy

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 Introduction to Cross cultural management
 Role of culture
 Universal cultural variables
 Case study of Whirlpool corporation’s global strategy – Introduction on Whirlpool, Globalization of Whirlpool, Problems of Whirlpool, Strategy implemented by Whirlpool
 Conclusion on Cultural awareness


<b>Cultural sensitivity</b> is <b>awareness</b> and an honest caring about another individual’s culture. Such sensitivity requires the ability to understand the perspective of those living in other societies and the willingness to put oneself in another’s shoes.<br />International managers can benefit greatly from understanding the nature, dimensions and variables of a specific culture and how these affect work and organizational processes. This <b>culture awareness</b> enables them to develop appropriate policies and determine how to plan, organize, lead and control in specific international setting. Such a process of adaptation to the environment is necessary to implement strategy successfully. It also leads to effective interaction in a workforce of increasing cultural diversity, in both the United States and other countries (Black & Mendenhall, 1990).<br />

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