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Marketing Plan on Crown Casino, Australia

Number of Words : 2984

Number of References : 12

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 Introduction 3
 Mission Statement 4
 Situation Analysis 4
 a. Internal environment 4
 Products/Services 4
 Financial Situation 5
 Non-Financial situation 5
 Cannels 5
 b. External environment 6
 Markets 6
 Competitive environment 6
 Economic environment 6
 Demographic environment 7
 Social and cultural environment: 7
 Political and legal environment 7
 Technological environment 7
 c. SWOT analysis 7
 Strengths 8
 Weakness 8
 Opportunities: 8
 Threats: 8
 d. Critical issues 8
 Marketing Objectives 9
 Marketing Strategies 9
 a. Target markets: 9
 b. Product strategies 10
 c. Pricing strategies 11
 d. Promotion strategies 11
 Recommendations for Change 12
 Implementation plan 12
 References 14


Crown Casino and Entertainment complex is located on the bank of river Yarra, in Melbourne, Australia. It was opened in 1997. It was moved to the current location from World Trade Centre, Melbourne, where it was operational from 1991. It offers a wide range of products and services to its customers like luxury hotels, restaurants, gambling, bars, nightclubs, movies, music shows, conference halls, interactive games, shopping, etc. Crown is known for its world class standards that it has set. There is a lot of competition from small hotels and other companies which concentrate only on one segment of the market. Crown has to come up with various strategies to beat this competition. Crown has used unique ways to promote its products and services. It has introduces offers like package services wherein customers can choose a multiple services and pay a lot lesser if they had chooses individually. Crown also has come with its Crown Gift idea which allows customers to gift their loved ones Crown package services. Crown has adopted the event-marketing strategy which allows Crown market the various events that are organized at Crown and at the same time promote its own services. Crown also has a great website designed, which provides the customers with all the necessary information that they need and also allows them to make online reservations. Crown also promotes its products by sending email notifications to the customers about the events, offers, services and other activities at Crown. The responsibility of doing this is given to the agency nextdigital. Crown also has tried to keep its gambling practices as legal as possible but there are instances where Crown has fined breaches in the Casino Control Act 1991. The author also recommends Crown to diversify geographically and concentrate on pricing. <br />

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