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Assignment on the marketing situation of a non-charitable organization - CRY

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 This project has been completed on CRY which is a non profit organization Child, Rights and You in America. The organization works in close collaboration with individual donors and other agencies for young, deprived children, their parents and communities to amplify the voice of little ones who are the future of tomorrow and turn their dreams into a reality. At CRY, it is believed that all children irrespective of caste, class are born equal by all means and truly equal in all legislative policies and procedures. CRY is not a profit making organization, works to raise voice against issues which are purely unjust and illegal. Through its powerful and influential brand image they work forward to restore the rights of citizen and ensures right to survival, development, protection as well as participation in society.


This assignment is based on the following requirement – <br />This assignment requires you to analyse a marketing situation for a charitable or nonprofit organisation. You may develop your case from the website, marketing materials and other available literature on your chosen organisation. You are not to these organisations seeking information. You will write a brief literature review on branding in the charity sector to support your analysis.<br />This assignment must specifically address issues discussed during the term or covered in your text.<br />(a) Brief literature review on branding in the charity/nonprofit sector.<br />(b) Marketing analysis of selected organization.<br />The analysis must provide:<br />1. Background information necessary to understand the marketing situation, e.g. on the<br />charity/nonprofit,mission, marketing mix, competitors, etc.<br />2. An analysis of all relevant internal and external environmental issues which might impact on the organisation<br />3. Suggest and provide a description of alternative marketing and/or branding solutions for this organisation based on your analysis. What makes these alternatives attractive?<br />4. An analysis of the proposed alternatives detailing the pros and cons of each.<br />5. Your recommendations for adoption and the outcomes you expect to occur as a result of adopting this solution.<br />

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