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Assignment on Cultural identity using the example of an Australian company

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 The assignment is based on the following assignment description –
 Select one or two of the components of cultural identity (vocation, class, geography, philosophy, language or biological traits with cultural aspects) discussed in Jameson (2007). Then choose one existing company which is currently operating in Australia. Describe how this company takes account of these components of cultural identity in manufacturing, distributing and/or promoting its products to consumers.


Marketing is an art that organization attempts to sell its products and services to its customers. Organization which is meeting the customer demands and exceeds their expectation is bound to succeed. In the present era of globalization, not only the organization has to exceed its customer’s satisfaction but it has to effectively communicate its products and services to its existing customers as well as its potential customers. Each customer is influenced by unique cultural identity and their purchasing decision is influenced by it.. Hence the organization aims at targeting a market segment by adapting its products and its communication to reach that particular market segment (Clow, Kenneth & Baack, 2007). For example, the company that manufactures pen is targeting at the students and manufactures it product with appealing design and good flow of ink. It distributes it through a wide network of retailers so that it reaches the mass of students across the country. Also it is promoting its product by advertising that the student who uses its pen is able to score a higher grade (Vargo & Lusch , 2004). This paper analyses the importance of the these components of the cultural identify and the significance of the language and communication for business and commerce. <br />

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