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Essay on Current global trends and how they relate to the hospitality industry within Croatia

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Croatia is a place located in between south central Europe and middle of Europe, and it is famous for the horseshoe shape that it has. It is clearly identified in the global map. It is surrounded by Arabian Sea and short coastlines and has a combination of plains, lakes as well as rolling hills. Croatia has dense mountains, rocky coastlines on the Adriatic Sea (Demes and Forbig, 2007)<br />The impact of September 11 has been large in the global market scenario which leads to decline in trade and commerce profitability at the same time, transactional growths. Be it consumer purchasing power or consumer service usage through hospitality and travel industry. The macro and micro economic hit affects population across the globe, be it developing and developed nation all gets affected in a chain reactive manner. The challenge remains to survive and lead life peaceful rather travel. Gradually more job creation, increase in export & import, international transactions, increasing liquidity and per capita income of people, have gradually pushed the market up. Demands versus Supply have seen a gradual upward movement. However, now people want to spend their money more cautiously and the benefits they seek are much broader rather only mere pleasure. So for larger example, today tourism is linked to benefits like medical and it is now called medical tourism. In the last few years there has been some sudden growth in the concept of eco-friendly tourism. The way travel and tourism are seen are different starting from the way they are planned as well as the destinations chosen. Travellers are seen to choose destinations which are more eco friendly where they could not only relax and have a pleasure trip but freshen up both from mind as well as physical perspective.<br />

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