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Analysis of the current issues facing Herbalife and future recommendations

Number of Words : 6793

Number of References : 30


 Part - 1
 Introduction 3
 About the Company 5
 Business Model 6
 Financial Position 7
 International Environment 8
 Electronic Environment 10
 Legal Environment 11
 International Trade 12
 Corporate Governance 13
 Business Risk 14
 Carriage & Finance 15
 Product Safety 16
 E-commerce 17
 Legal Risk 18
 Compliance Issues 19
 Conclusion 20
 Bibliography 21
 Part – 2
 Overview of the business 3
 Findings 3
 Recommendations 4
 Product safety 4
 Consumer protection law 4
 International distribution agreement 5
 Choice of law clauses 5
 Choice of jurisdiction 5
 E-commerce laws 6
 Protective actions 6
 Ethical practices 6
 Training and development 7
 Proper testing of products 7
 Advertisement and online selling 8
 Conclusion 8
 Bibliography 9


For the purpose of this project, we have analyzed the company Herbalife; we have explained about the products, its business, the legal problems and the macro and micro environment of the company, its process of operations and corporate governance. The issues faced by the company in its legal, business, product perspectives are mentioned in this report with a number of recommendations and strategies are suggested at the later part. The issues of the company are mentioned in the first part of this project, with the solutions mentioned in the later part.<br />

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